Ghost Squad Airsoft Team- Tallahassee Fl

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Ghost Squad Airsoft Team- Tallahassee Fl

Post  Ghost on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:37 pm

The Ghost Squad Airsoft Team was founded March 25th 2006 as your average backyard BS team with cheap guns.. We have since grown to a much larger team. We are based out of Tallahassee Fl but have members all over the state of Florida. We mainly do large MIL SIM events and travel. i will have to do another head count agian soon to re figure what i have. Our most common Camo Pattern used is Woodland. However we are considering a change to Marpat and Combat shirts (marpat is woodland digital) Far as joing well its simple be at least 17 years old and like to have a good time, and of course be a good sport.


Ghost; Team leader, Carrys M4/ KWA MKII 1911

Legos; Rifleman/ M4/ M14/ M249...depends on what he feels like lighting the opostion up with

Logan; M4

Dustin; M4/Sniper/Heavy Gunner

Killan; Still in Iraq

Tyler; M4 Rifleman

Tim; Rifleman (south florida member) M4

I have more people joining so i guess the list stops here for now.

We will see yall on the field soon..

our Facebook page (newest addtion for the team)!/group.php?gid=144174928936284&ref=ts


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