New Airsoft Team TF 141 Predators

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New Airsoft Team TF 141 Predators

Post  Soap_MacTavish on Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:04 pm

I am designing a new air soft team called the Task Force 141 Predators.
Anyone can join!
I am working on getting patches made right now, so it could be a month or two before I get the patches ordered.

***NOTE: Anyone that has a rifle, attachments, or other gear up for sale please let me know I have a few contacts that can find someone or a store that will give you a good price.***

The team will fight in platoons during battles. Up to 5 in a platoon.
The platoons will be for flanking the enemy or setting up strong points for defense.

If there are any issues in the team with another player, those two players will be put on probation if they refuse to get along. NO FIGHTS, strikes on fights:

1 strike= demotion of 1 rank in the team and probation

2 strikes= Restart of ranks.

3 strikes= Kicked off the team.

You must buy your own patches other than the team patch when you join the team.
I will assign you your rank based on your battle performence that day.
My cell is *** 850-240-9439 *** my e-mail is Text me and give me your email if you would like to be on the team I will be sending emails and texts to all members about battles, status on you for sale items, and battle plans to every one.

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