Siege An Attack and Defend Game.

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Siege An Attack and Defend Game.

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:41 am

Siege is a great warm up game that requires very little strategy and even less brain activity. In siege one or two attackers go off into the woods surrounding the fort area and attack the fort. The fort is being defended by all the rest of the attending players. The defenders cannot leave the fort area or enter the woods, the attackers can enter the fort are since they are trying to occupy the forts. If a defender is shot by an attacker in the woods the defender leaves the fort area and respawns 30+ feet in the woods and becomes an attacker. If an attacker is shot he goes back into the woods 30+ feet and respawns.

This game is fun and a great way to get the day started. If your the last man standing defending the fort area be prepared to either get surrendered of shot from every possible angle.


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