Airsoft guns/gear for sale. Will be at 06/15 game

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Airsoft guns/gear for sale. Will be at 06/15 game

Post  Cyborg on Fri Jun 14, 2013 2:31 am

I have various items I need to sell this saturday. I will only list some of the bigger things

Matrix alien pulse rifle with defective battery and two magazines. ----200 OBO
foreign legion famas with one small type test battery, one magazine and a modded m4 mag ----100 Firm
Dboys scar with four highcaps. Could include more mags. one small type test battery. I would also part this gun out ---- 75
various thompson parts
woodland camo drop leg
wooland camos

And I'm sure I will have some other stuff. Reply if your looking for anything specific, I might have it. And if anyone has a question let me know. I will post if I can't make it to the game but I think I'll be there

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