WTS KJW Luger style rifle +2 mags (details inside)

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WTS KJW Luger style rifle +2 mags (details inside)

Post  soul products on Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:08 pm

Hello everyone, id like to start off with introducing myself. my name is Brandon C., i just moved here and i cant wait to start airsofting again. but to the sale

im trying to sell my KJW Luger rifle i bought a while back from Evike

included with the rifle is: 2 mags (one is leaking quite badly and i havent figured it into the price, you fix it, its yours), one Daisy 4x9 scope and what ever little green gas i left ( also not figured)

heres the gun and mags:

its hardly been used, maybe a few hundred rounds, and shoots new at i believe 450-500fps

im not too sure what your rules are as far as disclosing prices are so message if your interested

soul products

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