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Relentless Assault

Post  Suppresser on Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:11 pm

Hi fellas. New to your forum here, not new to the sport. My name is Jesse and am Capt. of Relentless Assault from Dothan, AL. We're sponsored by Panhandle Airsoft and are trying to make some more game contacts and relationships. I have an Airsoft field in Malvern, AL. we've named Ambush Alley. Covers 20 acres with 5 courses on it. Three well developed courses, and two natural woods courses. We run bi-weekly as well, but we intend to be at the next game day yall have at Southern Command. On a solid turn out we have 20+ players on the field. On an average game day we have 12+ on the field. I'll check back periodically to see when you have games planned, but feel free to email me for info about Ambush Alley and our game days. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the field.

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