HSGI DACH (Smoke Green) - $95

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HSGI DACH (Smoke Green) - $95

Post  Captain on Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:06 pm

A used HSGI DACH early model (before the velcro panel was added on the top). I have had it since around 2006. It was owned by a local player before that. It makes an excellent light carry rig if you can resist the urge to fill it with 12 GBBR magazines and 2 gas chargers. It holds 12 x M4 magazines or 8 x M14/AK/FAL magazines as well as two pistol magazines or grenades.

It has a built in admin pouch and map carrier. There are minor ink stains on the map screen but are probably removable. They have been on there since I owned it and I have not made any attempt to wipe them off.

All buckles and zippers work perfect. Elastic is excellent and all cord ties work great. Truly a rugged rig. This is not the knock off and will hold up for many more years to come.

Some more info about the DACH harness:

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