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Post  Captain on Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:43 am

I have an announcement that I am sharing with all of the airsoft teams that are hosting free forums based on the phpBB system.
As most of your know, the free forums always run into issues with either having their emails blocked by mail hosts or having to deal with ads displaying which can cause anti-virus programs to block the sites entirely. Other options of free forums can be limited, such as skins, features, and add on packs available. Wouldn't you want to be able to make your own forum skin? Take FULL control of your forums!

For the past 3 years Frank and Lola, Inc. (the company I and my wife own) has been hosting DotNetNuke sites and have hosted several sites such as,, and After successfully operating the DNN market we have decided to expand the offerings to other architectures such as the phpBB and others. We will be offering a package to airsoft teams that includes several new features. One option is your own team mail server*. Get your team members their own email addresses!

Check out the airsoft team offer page. Remember that all prices can be reduced with annual payment instead of monthly.

*Mail addresses available with a domain name only. Domains can be purchased separately or pointed to the Frank and Lola, Inc servers by your domain administrator.

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