Sat May, 21 2011, Operation White Night, Wayne's World of Paintball in Ocala

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Sat May, 21 2011, Operation White Night, Wayne's World of Paintball in Ocala

Post  Orion on Tue May 10, 2011 8:19 pm

6mm Junkies presents:
Operation White Knight

When: Sat May 21, 2011
Where: Waynes world of paintball

$25.00 for ALL DAY PLAY

Gates open: 0730
Briefing: 1000
Game start: 1015
ENDEX: 1800

It has come to the attention of the UN that a group of scientists have been kidnapped in southern Ireland. A faction of the IRA has taken responsibility for the kidnapping. The scientists were part of a group that were developing weapons grade chemical weapons.

The US long with UN forces have been sent to find and recover these scientists and whatever chemicals that have been stolen as well.

400 for AEG wit 15ft MED
450 or SAW with 25ft MED
550 for sniper (bolt action or DMR) with 100ft MED


ACU, 3color desert, tan, Desert MARPAT

Woodland, woodland MARPAT, OD


*Additional Event Information

*NOTE - We reserve the right to revoke attendance from any airsofter who breaks event rules.
We also reserve the right to DENY any application from who we deem unfit to participate in the event. No refunds will be given after you have registered.

Airsoft is meant to be a fun sport. Rules are designed not to restrict but protect the safety of its participants and ensure each airsofter has a good time. In developing these rules, we tried to cover realism, airsofting and safety.

Gear & Extra Gear
This is a large field. All airsofters are recommended to pack in extra gear, such snakes, MRE’s extra water, extra weapons, extra ammo, and extra batteries and so on. You will need to have your gear in some kind of backpack; it is up to the player if he/she decides to leave extra gear at their FOB.

6mmJUNKIES under stands it gets hot in Florida. It is not our job or responsibility to supply you with drinking water, its your job to make sure you bring what you will need for the event.

There is a potable water site on the field. There are several convenience stores that are a short drive away. Each airsofter is urged to bring no less than 2 cases of bottled water with them.

Do not allow yourself to become dehydrated on the field. When your squad leader or an admin tells you to drink water, then drink water. Even if you are not particularly thirsty, drink water. If you need water but have an empty canteen or hydration pack, do not hesitate to ask a squad mate or admin for water or go to an aid station.

If you are diabetic please make sure you have your kit in a pack on you during this event. We also recommend if any one has any medical problems such as diabetic or allergies to some medications or insects or any other kind of allergies that could become a real world problem to have this information on a peace of paper or card on your person or gear. This information could become helpful to a medic in treating you faster.

Please remember to PACK OUT EVERYTHING YOU PACK IN. In other words, DO NOT LEAVE TRASH ON THE FIELD. Put all trash in your pocket or pouches and throw away your trash where it goes… IN THE TRASH CAN.

Biodegradable BB’s are required for this event. NO METAL or GLASS BB's can be used in sniper rifles or AEG's. Anyone caught using metal or glass bb's will be BANNED from our events.

Velocity Limits
400 fps limit with .2 gram plastic BB for all full-auto weapons.
450fps for Saws and RPK's. These must be approved by staff first.
550 fps for snipers with a 100' no shoot distance.
Weapons will be chronographed during registration and banded as approved.
Airsofters caught with hot guns or guns. that were not chronographed prior to the event will be removed from the event with no refund given. Velocity Reducers are not allowed. They've been proven to be ineffective when the weapon is fired in full auto.

Personal Protection
Fully sealing eye protection REQUIRED. Impact rated (meets or exceeds ANSI Z97.1 standards) fully sealed eye protection must be worn at all times on the event fields. NO SHOOTING GLASSES or MESH GOGGLES allowed. Airsofters caught in violation of this rule on the field will be removed from the event with no refund given. Full face protection is suggested but not required - either a balaclava or a full paintball mask that covers both your ears and mouth.

Uniforms and Personal Gear
A red kill rag is MANDATORY. While we realize it will not stop airsofters from getting shot after they've been eliminated, it will reduce it. All airsofters are required to bring no less than one red glow stick with them, this will act as your red kill rag during night operations. All other airsofters should be in some sort of military dress wear appropriate to the events required uniform load out. All airsofters should be on the field with at least one canteen or hydration pack. FRS/GMRS radios are recommended, as it personal gear. All airsofters should have a copy of the AO Map on them while on the field.

Weapon & Safety Rules

Weapons are to be kept on safe with magazines out while in the staging area. There should be no shooting in the staging area except at a designated chrono area and weapons testing range.

NO firing in the parking lot!!! This means you.
You must have a barrel plug on your weapons at all times in the staging area.

Blind firing (sticking your gun out of an area and firing without knowing/seeing where you are aiming) around corners is strictly prohibited! You must have EYES on target before firing. You may not use optics to see around corners and fire. It's real easy to hit someone point blank in the face when doing this.

Maintain muzzle control, when moving about in the AO or the staging area you should have the muzzle of your weapon pointed down at the ground. Raise it up when you are ready to engage a target.
Trigger finger control, while moving in the AO or staging area you should not have your finger resting on the trigger of your weapon. If you are surprised by anther player jumping out at you it will cause you to inadvertently pull the trigger and you can possibly engage some one under the 15 ft rule. More so when fighting in CQC areas turning a corner or breaching a door.

Minimum Shooting Distance
There is a minimum 15’ stand-off range for engagements. Do not fire at targets within 15’. Instead you may call a “Bang” or “Surrender” to eliminate the other opponent. Your weapon must be at the ready and pointed at the opponent when you call “Bang” or “Surrender.” No more than two opponents can be banged out in an engagement. If you come around a corner and see three opponents, you can kill two but then you are a casualty as well. Airsofters who have surrendered are expected to sling their weapons and comply with their captors. Sniper weapons cannot be used to engage targets within 100 feet. All snipers are expected to carry a back-up weapon for close engagements.

Valid Hits and Eliminations
A hit from a BB anywhere on your body or personal gear (helmet, vest, etc.) is a valid hit. Gun hits do not count. Ricochets do not count. If in doubt whether or not a hit was a ricochet or direct hit, take the most honorable route and take the hit. Friendly fire (hits from teammates) DOES count. There is no such thing as "friendly" fire! Grenade hits count the same as a hit from a BB.

If a grenade lands in your vicinity (approximately 10 feet away) and goes off but a bb does not hit you, you are out.
In the event of a hit, the airsofter yells, "HIT!" He or She immediately raises his/her weapon or hands above his or hers head and displays his or hers red kill rag.
No false calls. The airsofter may lie in place and call for a medic. If a airsofter has been waiting for five minutes with no medic reaching him, he has the option of “bleeding out” and moving to the nearest spawn point.

DO NOT call for others to "call their hits". It is un-sports manlike and rude and the field admins will not stand for arguing on the field. This is a sport of honor and should be treated that way. Sometimes your BB may not be reaching your target. Sometimes they may be deflected by a branch or hitting gear and your opponent is not aware of it. Give your opponent the benefit of the doubt and shoot him again.

The downed airsofter bleeds out in five minutes unless receiving first-aid. If no aid has been received within five minutes, the downed player is dead. He may rise and head back to the respawn, with his weapon and hands rose above his head. At anytime during the airsofters bleed out, he has the ability to be captured by the opposing force.

Until he has been given first-aid or bleeds out, the downed airsofter remains where he lies. A downed airsofter may be "carried" by one or more active airsofters to a safer location for treatment. One airsofter placing his hand on the casualty's shoulder represents a carry. They may move at a walk but neither airsofter may fire. If two airsofters put hands on a casualty's shoulders, this represents a two-man carry.
The three airsofters may move at a brisk jog and the carrying airsofter may fire one-handed.

Medic Rules

Once an airsofter is hit, he is to drop to the ground and stay in the location he is hit at. He is then to pull out his red kill rag and place it on his head at the same time yelling out hit/hit.

The medic uses the medic rope from his medic bag, the airsofter is wounded and back in the game until he is hit again and must respwan.


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