New to the air soft....

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New to the air soft.... Empty New to the air soft....

Post  TF141zebra on Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:25 pm

Hello everyone Im new to the air soft game, but I have played paintball for awhile, use to play speedball all the time, had an etek fully upgraded n what not, but anyways I wanted to get into air soft due to paintball being to pricey, and sold all my stuff, I was wondering if this is in pensacola??? and Id just want info, cause I dont see many legit airsoft places around here, most people play in the woods and cheat... would be great for someone to reply with some info to update me.. Thanks.. zebra.


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New to the air soft.... Empty Re: New to the air soft....

Post  MackPerformance on Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:47 pm

Hello Zebra,

I take it you are from around Pensacola, this forum is centered around Crestview, FL. Thats about 55 miles or a little less than an hour drive from Pensacola. Southerncomand does indeed have a field that is a lot more than just woods. And the staff that run it are top notch, and have so very good games of play. So if your ever in the mood for a little drive I would deffinatly recomend it.

Pensacola has an airsoft group, The Foundation, that play at Wilcox Field. Its about 5 miles outside of Pensacola (W), and the exit is actually call Wilcox. They have a very large wood field that they have been building on for the past few years. I get a chance to go over there a couple of times a year but it is worth the drive. Check thier forum out at

I hope this helps!

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