M4 AEG - Lots of upgrades - $200

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M4 AEG - Lots of upgrades - $200

Post  Captain on Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:29 am

I am selling it AS-IS. If I recall it was around 290 since it was designed to be a CQB rifle/smg.

Recently got a MagPul MOE grip on it. Check the SEA classifieds picture for updated pics later this week.

Classifieds Link on SEA with more detailed pictures

It has been modified with a custom stock assembly. Essentially the lower receiver and the buffer tube are now one piece with a custom plate adapter between them using machine screws to hold the assembly in place. This allows the wiring to run through the rear stock and to hold a stick AK style battery in the stock without needing a Crane stock system.

External Parts List:
TM Buffer Tube / Stock
G&P Metal Body
TM Grip
G&P Take down / Pivot Pins
G&P Forward Assist
TM Charging handle
TM Bolt Release
Real steel Free Floated Aluminum Forend (not installed but comes with it)
Custom machined outer barrel (no wobble at all, not installed right now)
JDT Gas Block / Front sight
Chinese AK-74 muzzle brake
CA one piece outer barrel
CA Barrel Nut
CA Delta Ring
CA Handguards

Internal Parts List:
Systema High Torque Motor
16 GA Silicon sheathed multi strand wiring
Deans Plug
G&P Reinforced Gearbox
Systema Standard Gears
Systema Upper Tune Up Kit (M16A2 version)
Polycarb Piston
Guarder Nozzle
TM Selector Plate
G&P Metal Hop-up assembly
Madbull Bucking
TM Inner Barrel for short barrel (not installed)
System 6.04 barrel installed

Also included is a Warhead 9mm Uzi magwell conversion kit. The machining of the forend, gas block slots, and 9mm conversion can be seen here:


I rebuilt the internals 5/14/2010 and proceeded to fire 150 shots with no issues. It has been used in several games recently and works great. Used it at Op FEAR and ran through around 2000 rounds with no problems. Most recently used it at Hwy 77 at a skirmish day and went through around 1k rounds and had no problems at all.

Comes with:
1 x A&K Manual Wind drum magazine
10 x Star 30 round magazines
1 x 1400mAh NiMh stick battery (Deans connectors)

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