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Hello! We haven't posted but I finally got around to doing it! Foxhound airsoft, formerly Shock N' Awe, was created in 2007 out of Cantonment/Pensacola, FL by two backyard airsoft enthusiasts. At first, it was Shock N' Awe until December of 2009 when we picked up a few more members and renamed to Team FOXHOUND. At first, it was nothing serious. Just some backyard games. That was until we reached a booming amount of members and made it to our first operation in Robertsdale. Since then, we've strived to grow and prove our worth as a strong team in the South East USA. We have all becomg a tight knit group, almost like another family, and continued to grow. We are sitting at 22 members in total, both local and non local, but we are ALWAYS looking for new members to bring into FOXHOUND. Team FOXHOUND is sponsored by which is a fairly new company who is just coming up. Go ahead and check them out at their page.

As I said earlier, we're looking for new members. This is to help with the amount of responsibilities that have to be undertaken in the team. We are planning many different events, and keeping squads and such in order which calls for more people to help. On top of that, we're currently dropping people from our roster for undisclosed reasons so therefor we are doing some light recruiting when possible. If you're interested in the team, please post or feel free to message me or email me at

Thank you!

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