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Youtube / Video Converting / ><!

Post  Rob on Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:34 am

So, I got around an hour an a half of video from the last game day. I recorded it in 720p on my Samsung Captive. The playback on the phone was wonderful. Transferred it to the computer and was going to edit it right there.. but it's a 3Gpp file. Blah, so I converted it to a avi file.. then used windows movie maker (( no flaming it's all I got on this computer right how )) and it saved as a wmv. Uploaded 1 video to youtube and it turned out ok but I really want to keep it in HD at 720p. So for all you video guys what do you suggest?

Also, has anyone else randomly having youtube uploads just fail for no reason. It's like I am playing rock paper siccors here trying to upload these things.


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