6.01 vs stock 6.05

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6.01 vs stock 6.05

Post  Rob on Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:15 pm

KWA M4A1 stock barrel was a 395mm @ 6.05

around 100ft the groupings where ok i guess. It would get the job done better then most..

KWA m4A1 with my new EDGI 509mm @ 6.01

Well lol.. disco came over to the house and sniped a bird off a power line in 2 shots with a scope that was way off... and I have a paper plate sitting out around 125ft that on full auto the spread is almost all within the plate.. Looks like a straight line of white. it's amazing.

I did lose some FPS though. I don't know 100% but I am pretty sure I went from 400-405fps to 387-394FPS. Longer barrel + tighter barrel = harder to get the bb down the barrel? That is what I am guessing.. The range is longer and more accurate so the old saying " FPS isn't everything " is very true.

Those of you that have a KWA and are debating ordering from the KWA pro shop. DO IT! I ordered on the 4th and it got here today. Great guys over in Cali and willing to answer any questions you might have.


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