WTS: JG G36c

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WTS: JG G36c

Post  Behave on Sun May 30, 2010 8:47 pm

Ive got a JG G36c for sale. Good condition, except for the safety not wanting to function. I replaced the selector plate with a deepfire one.Gun shoots semi and full auto. Front pin has been replaced with a locking mechanism. Comes with a battery, sling, and one 470 round hicap. Externally, this gun has minor scratches and blemishes. Shoots a good 350 fps, and has a pretty good rate of fire for a jg. Its range is really nice, and groupings are fair. Super light weight though. Cant be more than 6-7 pounds or so. Best beginner gun ive ever seen. Comes with one rail, and another rail that needs screws. Id like a straight $80 for this. Thanks.



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